Wednesday, April 05, 2006

CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club

I was wondering whether this matter was announced earlier or my memory failed.

Our Area C1 Governor, none other than CL Sharmini, has attained the Distinguished Area status as at today. Let's put our hands together to congratulate her.....

For your information, The acheive Distinguished Area, must achieve 4 out of goals 1 to 5. To attain Select Distinguished Area, must achieve all 8 out of goals 1 to 8. To attain President's Distinguished Area, must achieve all 9 of the goals 1 to 9. Go for it Sharmini!!

For your further information too, as at today, AREA C1 is the only area that attained Distinguished Area under Division C. WOW!!!

As a club, we must strive towards the same goal. Achieving our DCP, another goal achieved for our Area C1 Governor.