Thursday, February 16, 2006

CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club - the contest

Last night, 15th FEB 2006, the weather nearly wash out our event; our club International and Table Topic Speech contest. Everyone was caught in the standstill at most parts. I was fortunate to be within the vicinity for another appointment. Good planning helps. Thoroughout the late evening, have been receiving numerous calls from people not able to make it.

Anyway, that did not dampen our spirit. The earliest to arrive was the chief judge follwed by another judge. I was the third to arrive. Crossed my heart , I did not bribed the judges....guess the countless invitations to offer the wonderful spread would not count as I'm playing my role as host, right??

Looking at the venue, with the tables and chairs in dis-array and nothing done yet, I single-handedly arrange the entire room and set up . I'm sure the contest chair person would certainly appreciate that.

One by one, the guests, contestants, judges, role players trickled in; nearly everyone armed with a brolly.
We were about an hour late but better late than never.

The contest began with the Internationl Speech Contest. Chair person, Sharmini went through with the rules and introduced the contestants. 3 brave souls participate. There were Parasakti, Victor and Crissy. First to start was Parasakti. Incidently she was the last contestant to arrive. With poius , she delivered her speech flawlessly and personalised her topic.

Then came Crissy who facsinated the audience the mentaly challenged encounter with her 5 year old niece. Another personalised version with praises to Toastmastery.

Final contestant, yours truly with my account on the great Napoleon Bonaparte. Going down history and killing 2 birds with one stone actually.

A refreshing break thereafter for the next group of contestants to charge up.

There were 5 contestants for the Table Topic contest. Chairperson, Andrew came in and did his part and introduced the 5 lambs to the slaughter.....Parasakti, Crissy, Victor, Andy and Jitesh. For your information, Jitesh was so passionate about the contest that he has to run up and down two floors to juggle between the contest and anothe committee meeting.

The topic was I think goes something like this " Do you think that Malaysian drivers have improved?"
Each speaker gave their version to sway the points in their favour.

When it was finally over, the constestants breathed a sigh of relief.

Here's the results :

For International Speech Contest, as there were only 3 participants, only the champion was announced. This person was ...................CRISSY LEE!!! Congratulations!!

For Table Topic Speech Contest, the 2nd runner up was Jitesh. All your enthusiasm paid off.
1st runner up was Andy! The champion......VICTOR!!!
Congratulations to all the winners.

Hence Crissy and Victor will represent the club in the next level, Area C1 contest on 25th MAR 2006 for the respective contests.

A heartfelt thanks to all who have assisted. The time keepers; sergeant-at-arms; ballot counters; judges; contest chair perons and the organising chair, Sharmini.

Come and support the champions this coming 25th MAR 2006.



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