Friday, October 07, 2005

The Dreadful Day

Excerpts from The Diary :

Dateline - 24th SEP 2005.
Place - Prime College, Summit Square, USJ

It was 1325hours. Just parked my car at the basement. My wife and I were searching high and low for the lobby to the right elevators which should bring us directly up to the 4th floor.

Alas! The first lobby , a cargo goods lift brought us to the back of an extreme vertical wall climbing enclosure.
"Surely they are not forcing you to climb,my dear" exclaimed by wife, my personal cheerleader.

The next lobby brought us to an office block where a security guard redirected us . Poor communication skills and made my wife walked an extra mile! It was so near yet so far...........sort of using your right hand to touch your left ear from the rear. Well, my fault...........forgotten about the correct location was there before; barely a few months ago. Must be getting old.

Finally at last, level 4. Barely reached the reception counter and someone told me that the reserve is preping up . Hey! its only 1340hours, man.

At the auditorium, only 6 of us (out of 8 ) has arrived....... and do you know when the other 2 came? One sneaked in at 1415hours while another only after the tea break!!

It's the D-Day.........Division C Evaluation Speech Contest! To say, I was not nervous, was calling it a bluff......putting into practise all that I've learnt to void the butterflies in my stomach....

A little fast forward to the best time of all..........the break! Chow time and hoping that there would not be any space for butterflies to roam. Mingled about and all the well wishes intimidated me further! Countless time to the washroom.

Sit back and relax, they say. And when the contest chair forgotten to introduce the test speaker properly........forgotten to state the speech title.... I got nervous!! Sitting near the stage, I voiced out for the title and the cool test speaker calmly read out his speech title. Oh boy! What a long title and I could barely finish writing when my pen decided to die on me!! Of all days and me constantly reminding my son to always bring extras to important events like examination hall. Fortunately for me, our Area C1 Governor was sitting nearby who gladly sacrificed her lucky pen.

In a jiffy, all my intense listening and observation was over. Marching into the confinement room was a long tension-filled moment. Equally tensed was the 5 minutes of thinking and writing and thinking and writing. Nostalgic recollections of sitting for exams.

Then it was the waiting and one by one, like lambs to the slaughtering chamber, we took our turn.

"Victor!", bellowed the Sergeant-At-Arms, jolting me from a close and enjoyable conversation with a lady fellow contestant.

Its my turn to walk the plank!! Tried to calm myself and comically peeped at the stage. Nay! That did not work. Taking a deep goes......................................................

Can't remember what I've said, but sigh! what a relief .

Pretty close competition I heard. By now you should have known about the winners. Congrats to them . Though I did not make it....sob! sob! it was indeed a fantastic and exhilarating experience. I strongly recommend you to try it. Once you have been there before, it would be second nature.

Giving it another shot soon. Care to join me??



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